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Solar Module, AC Drive, Solar Panel, Solar Pump Controller, and a lot more is served by us, at rates which are nominal to afford....

S & C Solar Solution, is a trader who has maintained in its assortment products that ranges from Solar Module, Solar Panel Module, Solar Cell Module, Solar Inverter and from Junction Box For Solar DC Cable, to a lot more. We are that firm which never fails to wins. We never face any competition because we keep ourselves distinct from every other entity. The most praised attribute of our company is that we best at every work we undertake. We know the value of making strong relationships with our customers, so we make sure that we keep a close contact with them from the time when they come to us, till they continue to utilize our products. Recognition is given to our company for being a service provider as well. In this job role, we provide installation service of Solar Panel and of Solar Power Panel.

Why Prefer To Do Business With us?

Preference for doing business is given to that company which is worthy of trust. We are that company which wins the heart of customer and makes strong bonds with them once they avail from us. Because, we know that a customer thinks deeply prior to making any effort to do business with a firm, and what good is a company if it does not return to the customers in full. We are a business entities which never fails to show customers that it is nothing but their contentment which we cherish and value the most. We have mentioned some of the reasons below, owing to which we are able to announce ourselves worthy of first preference of customers:-
  • We maintain our supply chain with sincerity and deliver to the doorsteps of customers in a timely manner.
  • We are well capable of meeting large demands of clients.
  • We make sure that customers are treated with respect and transparency is maintained at the time of business dealing.


To make use of solar products such as Solar Panel Module, Solar Cell Module popular, and promote the idea of conserving electrical energy which are sourced from non-renewable sources. We have a vision to grow in the market and to reach out to remote areas. We price the offerings at affordable rates, so that we can make our products available to newer horizons so that customers in rural areas can avail from us.

"We are mainly dealing in Eastern Zone such as West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Assam." 

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